Introducing Well Fed Families' Clean Eating Family Meal Plan Bundle

Helping you get healthy meals on the table, even though you don't have the time or energy to meal plan

Meal planning sucks, amiright??

It usually goes down a little something like this....

​​Sit down on a Saturday morning and open Pinterest.

Start perusing all of the pictures of dinners, with the full intention of making several of these delicious meals for your family this week. You just have to figure out which ones.

Oooo....Fudge Overload Brownies!


Oh wow! The desserts on this website look sooooooo good. I'm gonna need to check all of these out....

*15 minutes spent down a sugary wormhole*

Okay, crap. I need to focus.....back to searching for dinners.

*scroll* *scroll*

OMG,  a messy bun in just 5 minutes?!


*watch 17 hair tutorials on Youtube*

Oh my gosh, I have GOT to get this meal plan done....dinners.....focus on DINNERS....

*scroll* *scroll*​

Sheesh, I have no idea what to make. These all sound too hard, or there are too many ingredients, and what if they don't even turn out good? 

I don't have enough time to do this now anyway. And I still havevn't even made a grocery list.​

Ugh. I sure wish meal planning wasn't such a pain in the ass.​ Guess I'll just grab some frozen pizzas and wing it again this week. Even though I know I'm gonna end up hating myself for it.


This. Was. Me.

And I'm guessing it might be you too.

Meal planning can be super overwhelming.

So we end up making the same unhealthy foods over and over again (I'm looking at YOU, chicken nuggets) or going through the drive thru/ordering takeout because we have no plan.

But that just keeps us stuck in an unhealthy, no-energy cycle week after week after week.

I'm Julie, and I've been momming since 1990 (for kids are 28, 21, and 6).

After several difficult years of #momlife I realized that I HAD to get myself out of that cycle because it wasn't just my energy level that was suffering. Ultimately it was my whole quality of life too.

So how did I do it?

Well I started being diligent with my meal plans. I pretty much always had a plan for breakfast, lunch, dinner, AND snacks.

I took off weight and felt WAY more energetic almost immediately. My whole life and outlook completely changed.

But I know that meal planning is a time commitment that a lot of moms just can't make.

So I decided to share my winning gameplan with you.


Well Fed Families' Clean Eating* Family Meal Plan Bundle!

Put your meal planning on autopilot with 14 WEEKS of done-for-you clean eating meal plans for families!

*All meals are made from whole food ingredients and are refined sugar free. They are largely gluten free as well.

Each Weekly Meal Plan Includes…

  • Healthy Breakfast choices 
  • Healthy Lunch Choices
  • A Healthy Snack List
  • Easy, Healthy Dinners (including many that are great for weeknights when you have activities!) 
  • A Customizable Gameplan that helps you align the dinners with your schedule

    These meal plans are easy to implement and will set you up for clean eating success all week long!

    Take a look at these dinners! Don’t they look sooooo good?

    These meal plans were created with the busy mom in mind.

    They alleviate the daily 'Crap, what are we going to do for dinner??' stress, and the frequent (and often expensive) trips to the store.

    Let me tell you it feels SO good to know exactly what's for breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day. And it feels even better when you start seeing and feeling the effects from it!

    These meal plans are FOR YOU - the hard working, exhausted, incredible super mom who just wants the best for her family and herself, but just doesn't have the time to plan for it. 

    Let me take some of the stress off of your over-burdened shoulders, mama. <3

    Oh, and if you pick up my meal plans right now, I'll make it even easier for you to slay this whole healthy eating thing!

    How, you ask?? Via some of my favorite healthy eating tools that I'll throw in as BONUSES!

    BONUS #1: 'My Easy, Healthy Breakfast Cheatsheet'. Every meal plan comes with breakfast options, but it's always nice to have a 'Plan B'. So I'm also including my breakfast cheatsheet to help you avoid a sugary sabotage first thing in the morning.
    BONUS #2: My 'Easy, Healthy Lunch Cheatsheet' You'll get lunch options with your meal plans too, but again, choices are good. So I'll also throw in this great lunch cheatsheet which includes all of my favorite easy, healthy lunches to take to work!
    BONUS #3: Well Fed Families' Produce Guide: This guide includes tons of great storage tips to help you get the most out of your fruits and veggies, plus a breakdown of which ones to buy organic, and where you can save!

    This awesome Clean Eating Family Meal Plan Bundle (all 14 weeks plus the awesome bonuses!) is available right now for a special low price of just $17 (regularly $27)

    That's less than the cost of three days worth of venti, super frothed, flavored, double espresso latte something-or-others with extra whipped cream!

    And so worth it! Grab yours now!

    Oh, and before you go....

    Who am I and why does this matter enough to me to create these meal plans for you?

    Because I'm a real life, tired-ass mom just like you.

    The healthy food in my life has to be EASY or it just ain't gonna happen!​

    I still don't eat perfectly, but I do try my damndest to make a solid effort because I have experienced time and time again how much BETTER I feel when I do. 

    I want to share these meal plans with you because it breaks my heart that so many mamas are just dragging through their days.

    You deserve to live your best life NOW, and a healthy diet can help tons where that is concerned.

    More energy, better skin (I'm 48), nails, and hair, ​improved mood, and more restful sleep are all benefits that I have experienced from improving my diet. 

     I want that for you too. <3​

    ​Still not sure this is for you? Have some questions? I've got you covered....

    • What types of foods are these meals made from? These meals use predominantly whole food, real ingredients with the occasional convenience food thrown in to save time. They are refined sugar free, and largely gluten free as well.
    • Are these meals easy to prepare? Yes!! I don't want to cook long, involved recipes with a ton of ingredients and I'm guessing you don't either! That's why these meals can all be prepared relatively simply, without a huge list of ingredients.
    • Will my family eat these meals? Everyone's tastes are different, of course, but I have a six year old who's eaten pretty much every meal in these plans with no complaints. (Except tomatoes. He doesn't do tomatoes.) But the great thing is that most of these meals are fairly adaptable too, so if there is something that simply MUST not be on the plate (ie: tomatoes), you can usually leave it out. 😉
    • We have lots of sports/activities on weeknights. Will these meal plans work for me? Absolutely! These meals are all designed to go together fast, plus there are several that can be done in the slow cooker (or in a really short amount of time). I've marked these meals as 'activity night friendly' so you can assign them to those nights on your gameplan as needed.
    • Is my credit card information secure? Definitely. Please note that Well Fed Families is a secure (https://) site. Payments are processed through Stripe, which is one of the leading payment collection companies for online retailers.

    I promise you'll love these meal plans. <3

    So click below to grab them (and the freakin awesome bonuses!) today at this great low price. 

    Then get ready to SLAY healthy eating, girlfriend.

    PS: You can also grab my cookbook 'Easy, Healthy Meals for the Tired-Ass Mom' by clicking on the button below.


    To easier weeknights,