In the interest of full disclosure, this isn’t really much of a ‘recipe’. It is instead a method for cooking the best chicken you ever did taste. And it all... Continue Reading
Smoothies are my favorite breakfast for busy mornings. They are totally portable, plus you can stuff a bunch of good-for-you things in them and they still taste super yummy. But... Continue Reading
I can hear you from here: ‘Yeah, suuuuuuuure……give me ONE more thing to do.’ *eye roll* I know, I know. You’re already overwhelmed by the 34,987 bs things you have... Continue Reading
Here are some great healthy Halloween food ideas to help balance all the sugar!
Halloween is FULL of sugar. After all, candy is the main focus of the holiday as far as the kids are concerned. That being the case, I always try to... Continue Reading
Here are some super tasty ways the drink more water.
Drink more water, they say. It’s good for you, they say. But many of us (and/or our kids) just can’t gulp down as much as we’re supposed to. Because water... Continue Reading
This healthier version of the Dorito Taco Salad ditches a bunch of the sugar without ditching any of the flavor!
I have always LOVED the Dorito Taco Salad. Mostly because I super love Doritos. Like almost so much that I actually would marry them. But alas, they are not healthy... Continue Reading
I live in Texas now, but moved here from Seattle. These delicious Southwest Salmon tacos are a beautiful blend of both Northwest and Southwest cuisines, and have become a family... Continue Reading
The most important weight loss mindset shift for long-term success
‘I hate my body so I want to change it.’ This is the mindset that typically spurs women to want to lose weight. They feel terrible about themselves, and they... Continue Reading
  This scrumptious blueberry smoothie is likely to be one of the creamiest, smoothest, most tasty smoothies you’ve ever had! My six year old said it was the ‘best smoothie... Continue Reading
strawberry sangria
Fruit + wine + popsicle = a trio made in heaven When I thought of this whole Popsicle Sangria concept I thought “Wow, that sounds really freakin’ delicious. Wonder if... Continue Reading
Few things are better at the end of a long day than coming home to a dinner that’s already prepared. This super simple White Chicken Chili cooks away all day... Continue Reading
I bought one of those fancy iced tea makers a few years ago. I used it often, but when we moved a couple of years ago I couldn’t find the... Continue Reading
Looking for a super easy summer side dish that will go with just about anything? Here ya go. This delicious Southwest Corn Salad pairs fresh veggies with black beans and... Continue Reading
Summer time means heat, more heat, and cool treats!! Here are some great ways to get your sweet tooth fix (plus some much needed hydration) without a bunch of sugar... Continue Reading
This dish proves that you don’t need a bunch of unhealthy flour to make a delicious gravy. The gravy in this dish gets its rich flavor from the browned bits... Continue Reading
Pesto Chicken Pasta
Want a delicious, healthy, four ingredient 15 minute meal to put in your back pocket for busy weeknights? Of course you do! This Pesto Chicken Pasta fits the bill. How... Continue Reading
Fresh Pineapple Green Smoothie
Green smoothies are one of the BEST ways to get nutrition in your little ones. (And yourself for that matter!) My little guy loves making, and drinking, this yummy healthy... Continue Reading
50 Super Quick and Easy Healthy Dinners
I know how it is. You come home from work exhausted, wanting only to become one with the couch, but that damn dinner thing looms over your head. *sigh* If... Continue Reading
How to Lose Weight Without Meal Prepping
I used to be a meal prep fanatic. Most weekends you would find me slaving away in the kitchen all day on a Sunday, making breakfasts, lunches, and snacks for... Continue Reading
The Grocery Shopping Mistake That's Wrecking Your Diet
Grocery shopping sucks. What with the wobbly carts, and the long lines, and the people who park in the middle of the aisle and take TWELVE MINUTES to choose a... Continue Reading
Research shows that family dinner bring family members closer together.  It boosts our mood, lifts our spirits, and can even have a positive impact on overall behavior for your little... Continue Reading
Lunchboxes usually mean tons of processed food, which isn’t the best fuel for growing bodies and little minds.Here are some healthier (but still kid-friendly) school lunch ideas, plus lots of... Continue Reading
I just went through a long, extremely difficult, time in my life. If you follow my Facebook page you may have seen my post about it. It was a very... Continue Reading
Delicious Low Carb Healthy Tacos Using Jicama Tortillas!
Jicama tortillas are my jam!! They are truly what whole food, low-carb, healthy taco dreams are made of! They are made from jicama, which is a root vegetable with a... Continue Reading
Super-Simple Stir Fry
I love stir fry, but hate making it the traditional way because of all the chopping. Ew. In this super easy stir fry we use two shortcuts to make it... Continue Reading
10 Essential Supplements for Women
Supplements can be a great way to….well….‘supplement’ your diet with the vitamins, minerals, and amino acids you need to feel your best. But who wants to choke down 50 bajillion... Continue Reading
Greek Gyro Bowl
I loooooove Greek gyros. LOVE. They’re actually my favorite food. But I do not love the way they make me feel afterwards because of all that bread. Ick. In my... Continue Reading
insomnia remedies that really work.
If you have ever been in the position where you are battling sleep, you know that it is NO fun. Lack of sleep can make you a total grumpypants the... Continue Reading
Slow-Cooker Salsa Chicken
This yummy chicken dish could not be easier. Just two ingredients, and this Salsa Chicken cooks away on its own all day. Helloooooo stress-free weeknight. Woot! It’s also super versatile.... Continue Reading
Breakfast time for kids typically means lots of refined SUGAR….but toaster pastries, cereals, etc are definitely not the best fuel for their little minds and bodies first thing in the morning.... Continue Reading
Pizza-Stuffed Zucchini Boats
These yummy zucchini boats have all the flavor of pizza, plus a hearty dose of nutrition. And they won’t make you feel like a ginormous ball of fluff from all... Continue Reading
Produce Storage Tips
Fruits and vegetables are obviously a big part of a healthy diet, but oftentimes they end up as hairy, slimy science experiments in the bottom of the produce drawer at... Continue Reading
Easy Lasagna Cauliflower Helper.
 My cookbook features three different versions of ‘Cauliflower Helper’. In this one we give it an Italian flavor with ricotta, mozzarella, spaghetti sauce, and fresh basil, to make a healthy... Continue Reading
Best Healthy Foods to Lose Weight
There is so much….too much….information out there about what to eat. What REALLY constitutes healthy eating?? It’s easy to get overwhelmed, right? Eat this, don’t eat that, eat this only... Continue Reading
Chicken Enchilada Spaghetti Squash Bowls
Enjoy all the flavors of green chile chicken enchiladas without the gross too-full feeling afterwards! That’s amazeballs, amiright?? The spaghetti squash also gives this dish an added nutritional boost. Score!... Continue Reading
The 12 Best Natural Remedies for Common Illnesses
When you or your kids fall sick it’s absolutely miserable. And when your husband falls sick it’s even worse (just ask him)! Haha! Unfortunately most medicines out there just mask the... Continue Reading
Foil-Baked Cod with Bruschetta Topping
A bruschetta-style topping gives mild cod a punch of flavor. And it all cooks in aluminum foil so clean up is a breeze. That means more time to Netflix and... Continue Reading
12 Healthy Food Swaps to Get You In Your Skinny Jeans
  When most people think of eating healthy they start thinking about all of the things that they CAN’T have. No sweets?! No pasta?! No chips?! NO WAY!! But there... Continue Reading
My Mama's Famous Chili
My Mama’s been making this healthy chili for as long as I can remember, and it is the BEST. It has always been our family tradition to have it on... Continue Reading
Reducing Sugar for Kids
It’s not just adults that need to drastically lower their sugar intake. Reducing sugar in our children’s diet is important too. Sugar has been linked to tons of health and behavioral issues... Continue Reading
19 Superfoods for Weight Loss
‘Superfoods’ has become a buzzword in the last few years, but you may be wondering what that even means. Do they wear a cape? Save the villagers?? Rid the city... Continue Reading
Shrimp and Sausage Cheddar Grits
Healthy shrimp and sausage with cheddar grits will change your life! Okay, maybe not. But it sure will make your mouth happy. (PS – All of my recipes are what... Continue Reading
Clean Eating on a Budget
There are actually a lot of cheap healthy foods. You just have to know what to look for. *Hint: Most of them will not be found in the middle aisles... Continue Reading
How to Handle a Picky Eater
Picky eaters. Most of us have had one….or more. It’s the nature of the beast with kids. You sit down to dinner and they see ONE little speck of green... Continue Reading
Super Simple Taco Soup
Taco Soup. Because every day should be Taco Tuesday. <3 This super yummy soup is one of our family favorites and it couldn’t be easier to make. (PS – All... Continue Reading
27 Natural Stress Relievers
    Oh stress. I hate your guts. When I get stressed I hold it in my shoulders until they’re so tight that it feels like someone is holding a... Continue Reading
6 Easy Dinners from Only 20 Ingredients
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29 Healthy Snacks on the Go
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Vegetables for Kids: 5 Ideas to Spur a Truce
  Kids and veggies usually go together like chocolate and mustard. (That was the grossest combo I could think of. LOL) But we all know that they should really, really... Continue Reading
Baked Pesto Chicken
This amazingly delicious Pesto Chicken takes only five minutes to prep, but it tastes like you put in WAY more time than that. That never happens! It’s like a dinner... Continue Reading