The most important weight loss mindset shift for long-term success

‘I hate my body so I want to change it.’

This is the mindset that typically spurs women to want to lose weight. They feel terrible about themselves, and they want to do something about it.

The problem is that entering into anything with that defeated, miserable mindset sets you up for failure nine times out of ten.


Because you’re already down on yourself, and unhappy about it. Add to that the pressure/expectation of perfection when you’re trying to eat right, and the disappointment in yourself/guilt when you don’t, and it’s no wonder that most of us give up before we get to where we want to be.

So what’s the shift that needs to happen?

You need to switch it to ‘I love my body so I want to change it.’

How is that possible? Think about it….

Our bodies are the vehicles that carry our souls around, and we only get ONE.

Even if you are unhappy with your body you can surely appreciate the miracle that it is. It heals itself, it can create life, it signals you when there is danger, it allows you to love, and to hug, and to experience pleasure.

My mom brought up an interesting point in a conversation we had when I was younger, and the visual has never left me: What if we had to care for all of our internal organs on the outside of our bodies? It would change everything, wouldn’t it?

What if we had a jar with our beautiful little heart in it. Any time it slowed down, or got less pink, or sped up, or did anything out of the ordinary we would worry about it, and rush to correct it.

But we don’t. So we don’t.

Our bodies truly our are temples, and as women (and mamas) we should love them to pieces for all of the beautiful things they have done for us, and all of the beautiful things they have given us.

So work on making this shift.

‘I hate my body so I want to change it.’ —> ‘I love my body so I want to change it.’

One is based on how it looks, and the other is based on how it feels and what it needs. Once you start appreciating your body for all it has done for you, and all it CAN do for you you will want to start treating it better, and feeding it better.

This will ultimately also change how it looks, but that will be a natural by-product of what you’re doing instead of your sole focus. ‘I need to lose ten pounds for my vacation’ is WAY different than ‘I respect and love myself enough to start taking good care of my body.’

One is temporary and provides temporary results, which will then just lead to losing the same 10, 20, 30 pounds over and over again, and one is a permanent change that will ensure you are NEVER in that position again.

How great would THAT feel???

Making this shift makes all the difference in the world and will be the missing piece that leads to permanent weight loss success.

Need some help with making this important shift?

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As you can tell from the above I’m a little weird. I‘m also a little funny (okay, sometimes a lot funny).

But one thing’s for sure…..I’ve been doing this healthy eating thing for my family for a loooooong time.

And most importantly? Moms who are feeling overwhelmed by that whole concept are my HEART! I want to help you in any way I can, because I know how hard it can be sometimes. 

So take a load off and stay a while. I’m super glad you’re here. <3