The Grocery Shopping Mistake That's Wrecking Your Diet

Grocery shopping sucks.

What with the wobbly carts, and the long lines, and the people who park in the middle of the aisle and take TWELVE MINUTES to choose a salad dressing.

WTF, lady. Grab the ranch and move on with your life.

And on top of all that madness, do you find yourself wandering around the store, overwhelmed and not sure what to get? Do you end up spending way too much at the end of it all?

Of course you do.

I’ve done it too, and it sucks. It’s also super stressful.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. 

What is the number one grocery shopping mistake? Simply, not having a plan.

‘But Julie’, you say, ‘I HATE meal planning!’

Yes meal planning can be super overwhelming if you just open Google and go randomly searching around to try to find dinner ideas. There are way too many sources/recipes out there and you will quickly get frustrated.

So I have put together a few tips for you that will help immensely.

#1: Go to ONE Source

Getting all of your meal ideas/recipes from one source will save you tons of time. 

#2: Have Your Source Set Up Ahead of Time

Before you sit down to meal plan for the week, know your source. Perhaps it’s a favorite cookbook. Or perhaps you have set up some Pinterest boards for meal planning ahead of time. When you’re trying to get your meal plan and grocery list together, it’s not the time to start perusing Pinterest for recipes you want to try. Take some time elsewhere in the week to put together a ‘Meals I Want to Try’, or ‘Tried and True’ Pinterest board. Then you have your Source ready when you are.

#3: Organize Your List

When you make your grocery list, be sure to organize it in the order of your store. This will alleviate backtracking and get you out of there in the least amount of time.

#4: Give My Cookbook a Try

And I’m not just trying to sell you something. Promise. This cookbook actually came about because I was sick to death of meal planning struggles. I wanted one place I could go to where I knew every recipe was super easy, super yummy, and healthy to boot. Plus I have it on my phone for easy reference if I end up at the store and haven’t done Tips 1-3. Lol!

Click the pic above to check it out.

So give some of these tips a try the next time your weekly meals are hanging over your head. It doesn’t have to be hard.


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But one thing’s for sure…..I’ve been doing this healthy eating thing for my family for a loooooong time.

And most importantly? Moms who are feeling overwhelmed by that whole concept are my HEART! I want to help you in any way I can, because I know how hard it can be sometimes. 

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