How to Lose Weight Without Meal Prepping

I used to be a meal prep fanatic. Most weekends you would find me slaving away in the kitchen all day on a Sunday, making breakfasts, lunches, and snacks for the week ahead.

But the results were never worth it. I was resentful that I had given up half my weekend, it was expensive, and I never ended up eating it all, so it was wasteful to boot.

My takeaway? It was stupid and I hated it.

So I kicked lengthy meal prep to the curb.

These days I have settled into a new way of preparing for the week. It is WAY easier, and actually keeps me eating healthier on a regular basis because of that. It’s given me my weekend back, and I’m way more consistent with it.

If you’re trying to lose weight you don’t have to rely on lengthy meal prep. So what should you do instead??

First and foremost, LEFTOVERS, LEFTOVERS, LEFTOVERS! If you don’t love them, learn to love them! I am a leftover convert myself and I don’t know why I snubbed them for so long. They are the best way to ensure a healthy lunch, and there is NO time investment the next day. <3

I don’t have them available every day though, so I also have a handful of simple meals that I rely on for both breakfast and lunch. Some of them do require a bit of prep beforehand, but instead of slaving away all day on a Sunday I will make one thing (either a breakfast or lunch item), and then round out the week with the throw-together options below. I am WAY more likely to stay on track this way because I never have that ‘Well I didn’t have time to meal prep this weekend’ excuse.

I know this goes against everything you’ve probably heard. Most healthy eating coaches insist that you start the week with lots of food prepped and ready to go. While it is super important that you have some sort of plan (and healthy food in your house of course), it’s just not necessary to spend tons of time making things beforehand.

I mean really…WHO has time to do that on the regular?!

I sure don’t. So I simplified things. And I urge you to do the same.

Here are some of my go-to super easy, throw-together breakfasts and lunches….


  • cottage cheese with fruit (I really like it with pineapple. I usually just buy the canned, diced kind bc it’s super quick) or grape tomatoes
  • fruit and nuts (orange with almonds and blueberries with walnuts are my fave)
  • boiled eggs and fruit
  • unsweetened Greek yogurt topped with fruit and nuts/seeds and drizzled with honey
  • egg muffins (these take a small amount of prep, but can be made in about 30 minutes start to finish). This silicon muffin pan ensures they don’t stick!
  • smoothies: throw together some frozen fruit, nuts, milk, and spinach, blend, and GO (This is hands down the best smoothie blender!)


  • burger patty topped with guacamole and grape tomatoes
  • turkey lunch meat, veggies (I like red pepper strips or baby carrots), and hummus
  • sweet potato topped with taco seasoned meat or sliced sausage (cook ahead)
  • chicken salad (mix together deli rotisserie chicken, celery, mayo, and green onion)
  • deli rotisserie chicken, honey mustard (make your own with dijon and honey), and avocado
  • taco seasoned meat, grape tomatoes, guacamole, and plantain chips

There are more, but you get the idea. It doesn’t have to be elaborate. Just grab some healthy foods, and toss them in your lunchbox. I do this every morning in less than 10 minutes. (This is the lunchbox I use because it’s got lots of room, two separate compartments, and it’s Well Fed Families colors! Yay!)

Think outside of the box. You don’t have to have a ‘meal’ prepped. Just some simple whole foods that will provide solid fuel to get you through your day.

Don’t overthink it or make it harder than it has to be!

To simplicity,

Hey! I’m Julie.

I help busy moms feed their families healthy foods in a lot less time.

I’m the founder of Well Fed Families, a mom of three kids who I had over the span of 21 years (I like doing things slowly sometimes), a lover of food, and an 80’s rock fanatic. I also dig jail shows and anything from the 1940s.

As you can tell from the above I’m a little weird. I‘m also a little funny (okay, sometimes a lot funny).

But one thing’s for sure…..I’ve been doing this healthy eating thing for my family for a loooooong time.

And most importantly? Moms who are feeling overwhelmed by that whole concept are my HEART! I want to help you in any way I can, because I know how hard it can be sometimes. 

So take a load off and stay a while. I’m super glad you’re here. <3

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