How to Handle a Picky Eater

Picky eaters. Most of us have had one….or more. It’s the nature of the beast with kids.

You sit down to dinner and they see ONE little speck of green on their plate. A meltdown begins that’s as dramatic as if you placed a gigantic booger on their plate for them to eat.

*eye roll*

Good nutrition is CRITICAL for little bodies, brains, and systems. The very foods they have aversions to are the ones they need the most.

So how do you reach a happy medium? Here are some things that have worked for me, over 26 years, with three very different kids….

~ Don’t make them eat everything on their plate. Or even all of their veggies. I start by asking that they just TRY everything. They can’t tell me they don’t like something that they’ve never even tasted. If they truly dislike it after tasting it then it stops there. But many times they will discover that they actually DO like it, or that it’s not as bad as they expected. Then they’ll eat some more. 😉 I usually don’t make a big deal of this other than thanking them for trying it.

~ Put veggies on their plate at every meal. Even if it’s something they’ve tried before and haven’t liked. Occasionally my son will surprise me and eat all his veggies out of the blue!

~ Make a game out of it. Ask them what they think a superhero would eat first. (Veggies of course!) Don’t they wanna be a superhero too?! (Maybe even let them wear a cape to the dinner table each night!)

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~ Try a book. We have a couple of books about a child trying foods they were skeptical of. Sylvia’s Spinach is our fave.

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~ Buy fun plates, kids’ silverware, etc that only come out at dinnertime. One of my daughters would eat everything in a certain section just so she could see the picture underneath.

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~ Use the Well Fed Families’ My Healthy Foods Reward Chart!
It’s a fantastic way to get kids on board with trying new foods, and eating more fruits and veggies. Yay!
healthy food for kids

So go ahead and give one (or more) of these a try this week. The results might surprise you!

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