8 Healthy Breakfast Ideas for Kids

Breakfast time for kids typically means lots of refined SUGAR….but toaster pastries, cereals, etc are definitely not the best fuel for their little minds and bodies first thing in the morning.

Plus you (and/or their teacher) don’t want them bouncing off the walls like Tigger after seven energy drinks.

Here are some kid-friendly breakfast ideas that are better options nutrition-wise, but still super quick to make.

There are also several healthy recipes for many of the ideas below on my Pinterest board located here: Healthy Breakfasts

  • Eggs: This is my favorite quick breakfast food. Take a few minutes to boil some eggs or make some quick egg muffins (see below) on Sunday to save time throughout the week. Just add some fruit or avocado to pair with your eggs and you’re all set.

(Egg muffins: Mix together about 10 eggs, chopped veggies (my default is green pepper and onion), a little shredded cheese (about 1/3 c), and some seasonings (I use salt, pepper, and garlic powder). Then just pour into muffin tins greased well with olive oil, and bake at 350 for 20-25 minutes or til a knife inserted in the center comes out clean.) This silicone muffin pan is fantastic for these, as it ensures they don’t stick!

  • Cheese: Babybels and Laughing Cow wedges go great with berries and provide great protein.
  • Nuts: Throw some cashews, walnuts, almonds, or pecans and some fruit in a Ziploc. Takes 30 seconds. This is also a great on-the-go choice  since there’s no mess. 🙂 Add some fruit to round it out. 

  • Fruit: Cubed cantaloupe, grapes, berries,banana, and pear are my favorite quick breakfast fruits. Cut them up on the weekend to make the process even faster through the week.
  • Smoothies: These are such a great way to get fruits and veggies into your little ones and they’re super portable! Carrot Cake, Almond Joy, and Banana Bread are just some of the options on my Pinterest Breakfast board). So delicious and good for them! Plus they take just a few minutes to make. (Extra healthy tip: Be sure to add flax and/or chia seeds to every smoothie for an added nutrition boost!). Here’s my very favorite smoothie blender. It’s super easy to use and dishwasher safe!
  • Almond Butter and Fruit: Cut a banana in half lengthwise, spread with almond butter and drizzle with honey; or slice an apple into rounds, spread with almond butter, and sprinkle with walnuts.

  • Two Ingredient Pancakes: Have 5-7 additional minutes at breakfast time? How’s about some pancakes?! Yes, really! For six mini pancakes you mash one ripe banana up in a bowl (really well). Add 2 eggs and a pinch of baking powder and whisk together. You can add some cinnamon or vanilla extract if desired. Pour the batter in a lightly oiled pan and cook until golden brown on both sides. Smaller pancakes are recommended as they are easier to flip. Top with REAL maple syrup.
  • Muffins and Coffee Cakes: If your little ones just can’t live without a sweet, bread-y breakfast then this is for them. There are several healthier options  for sweet breakfast items at the Pinterest link above. Make a batch on Sunday/Saturday, and then just grab and go in the mornings (add some fruit or nuts to round it out). A word of caution here…even though all of these selections are made with more wholesome ingredients, it is still best to enjoy them in moderation. Try to limit them to only one or two days a week.

See? Breakfast doesn’t have to be a sugary sabotage! Give some of these a try this week.

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