7 Fun Ways to Make Family Dinner Count

Research shows that family dinner bring family members closer together. 

It boosts our mood, lifts our spirits, and can even have a positive impact on overall behavior for your little ones.

But what do we do instead?

We eat in shifts like ships passing in the night, or on TV trays with little to no conversation, or we sit the kids at the table with chicken nuggets, and grab something from the freezer for ourselves while we catch up on all the FB posts, Instagram pics, and Snapchat shenanigans that we missed that day.

So why don’t we sit down and have family dinner?? 

Well our lives are busy for starters. Varying schedules, to do lists, and the aforementioned distractions have all contributed to its demise. 

But I encourage you to do what you can to bring it back to your house. Even if it’s only a couple of nights a week.

Here are some ideas you can implement to make your family table a fun place to be, and to bring back the connection that we so desperately need these days. <3


~ Find some fun tableware, napkins, cups, etc that only come out for family dinner. This will make your little ones super excited to come to the table!

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~ Play ‘Best Part, Worst Part’. This is my family’s favorite dinner game! You go around the table (or have each family member choose who they want to go next) and everyone tells the worst part about their day, followed by the best part. Not only is it fun, but everyone gets encouragement for their bad times, and celebration for their good times. 

~ Get some doodle placemats and have family members decorate each other’s, or write a message for each other before dinner

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~ Appoint an honorary VIP each night. This person doesn’t have to help with setting the table or doing the dishes! Everyone gets a turn. Even you, Mom!

~ Buy some battery operated candles for the table. Candlelight dinners aren’t just for romance. Battery operated candles on the table will cozy it up without fire danger or a smell that competes with your dinner. We like these…

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~ Change it up sometimes and eat outside if the weather’s nice. Or have a ‘living room picnic’ on the floor together 

~ End dinner with a game. Hot Potato is a fave of ours.

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Let’s gather back around the family table as often as we are able. 

It’s so worth it ❤️

Here’s to family bonding,

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