29 Healthy Snacks for on the Go

Fast food is aptly named. You’re away from home with little to no time and you need to eat. So you head to the drive thru where you can grab something fast and eat on the go. This is when most people fall victim to poor food choices.

Then about an hour later you feel groggy, and like you could nap for approximately 1000 years.

Well lucky for you there are several nutritious foods that will keep your energy up, are totally portable, and can be eaten no matter where your travels take you.

Be sure to grab some of these healthy snacks for on the go next time you hit the grocery store. Then all you need is a lunch bag and an ice pack and you’re armed for the day. It literally takes less than five minutes to do this in the morning, and it’s SOOOOO worth it!!!

These are some of the most portable proteins, fruits, and veggies along with a couple extra goodies. 😉

Feel free to create your own combos from the list below, but always be sure to take along at least one protein so you’ll stay full longer.

Portable Proteins:

Paleo Valley Grassfed Beef Sticks (these are SO GOOD and so good for you)

– boiled eggs

– nuts (almonds, walnuts, cashews, pecans)

– single serve tuna pouches

– pulled rotisserie chicken

– nitrite-free lunch meat

– chickpeas

– kidney beans

– almond butter

– cottage cheese

– Babybel cheese

Portable Fruits:

– berries

– cubed melon

– cubed pineapple

– cutie oranges

– grapes

– banana

Portable Veggies

– red or yellow pepper slices

– cukes

– celery slices

– baby carrots

– cherry tomatoes

– asparagus spears

– broccoli florets

– cauliflower florets

Other Portable Goodies:

– pickles

– olives

– guacamole (Wholly Guacamole brand)

– hummus

– Blue Diamond Nut Thins (in the cracker aisle)

Be sure to grab a selection of these on your next grocery trip so you can stay on track even when you’re on the go.

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