Life is complicated. Healthy food shouldn’t be.

Hey. I’m Julie.I’ve been raising a family for 29 years. Yes, really.

I have 2 beautiful girls ages 29 and 22, and a little boy who’s 7.

Over the years I have seen a LOT of changes when it comes to the recommendations on what, where, why, how and when you should eat.

It’s gotten to the point where it’s ridiculously confusing.

That’s super frustrating to me because eating healthy should be one of the simplest things in the world.

Everything we should be eating is found right in nature’s kitchen.

I only have one ‘rule’ when it comes to food: If it’s from God’s hand then it’s healthy. And if it’s not, then you probably should skip it.

I started Well Fed Families because I know that so many people (mamas in particular) are overwhelmed by all the ‘noise’ where food is concerned.

So here we’re gonna bring it back to basics, and make it SIMPLE…just like it was always meant to be.


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